Frequently Asked Questions

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    How do I pay my assessments?
    There are 5 ways you can pay your assessments:
    Manual check.
    Online e-check from your personal bank account.
    Draft through the Association's bank, Mutual of Omaha.
    Online e-check through the Association's bank (the bank does charge a convenience fee)
    Online credit card payment through the Association's bank (the bank does charge a conveniences fee).
    Community Association CIT Bank Information is as follows:
    To have your association dues drafted from your account on a quarterly basis or to set up a 1 time payment, please follow these steps:
    Step 1. 
    Step 2. You will need to create an account if you would like to make an automatic recurring payment or click the pay now button for a one-time payment option.
    Step 3. Below are the ID numbers that you will need to make a payment:
    Management Co ID:             4534 = Ponderosa Management
    Community ID:                     003727 = Ocean Dunes Tower II
    Account ID:                          See top of coupon (5 digit number)
    Your checking account routing and account numbers or debit or credit card details and address
    Personal Information: Name, Property Address
    If you have any issues or need assistance please call CIT Bank Customer Service at 1-866-800-4656.
    Please note the bank lockbox address:

    Ocean Dunes Tower II
    PO Box 29142
    Phoenix, AZ 85038-9142
    What do my quarterly assessments include?
    The Association's budget is located under the tab "Financial Information".  The budget includes, trash removal, basic cable,  elevator service, lawn maintenance, pool maintenance, association insurance (owner is responsible for acquiring insurance for the interior of their unit), onsite maintenance personnel, general maintenance, common area electricity, reserves, etc. 
    What are the Rules and Regulations of Ocean Dunes Tower II?
    The Rules & Regulations, Master Deed and By-Laws are located under the tab "Governing Documents".  Please review all documents carefully so that you fully understand the do's and don'ts of your community.
    What am I responsible for?
    Each owner is responsible for the maintenance of the interior of the unit, which includes, but not limited to, all plumbing and electrical components that service your unit, all appliances, water heater, HVAC system, doors, windows, etc.  
    Each owner is also responsible for educating all guests of the rules and regulations of the Association, and insuring that your guests abide by all Rules and Regulations.  Each owner is responsible for the actions of their guests.
    Does the Association  carry insurance?
    Yes,  the Association carries property and liability coverage for the property. The Association's insurance will restore the building to it's original builder state, less any upgrades or improvements and less the deductible. 
    Do I need to carry insurance?
    Yes, each owner needs carry H06 insurance for the interior of the unit.
    What can I do to protect the building?
    If you do not frequently use your unit, prior to leaving, especially during hurricane  season, please: empty the  refrigerator, relocate the balcony furniture to the inside of your unit, unplug your electronics, turn off the water to your unit and then turn off the breaker to your water heater.  During the summer months, please keep the air flowing by keeping your A/C set at 78 degrees or lower, and during the colder months keep the heat on at a temperature of 58 degrees or above.
    Check all appliances, especially your water heater, faucets, commodes, ice makers, washing machines and dishwashers for proper operation.